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Anything vintage I'm missing is interesting.
  Falcon Training Ball (no arm needed) [Image]
  Light colour Yoda cane [Rebelscum]
  LL Biker Scout Pistol, darker scout gun [Imperialgunnery]
  Snowtrooper skirt (normal) [Rebelscum]
  TIE Blaster [Rebelscum]
  Emperor cane [Rebelscum]
  Wicket Spear [Rebelscum]
  Rebel Commando Rifle [Rebelscum]
  Luke Jedi Light Sabre [Rebelscum]
  Vibro Staff (Nikto, Barada, Yak Face) [Rebelscum]
  Black Rebel Blaster (Han Trench) [Rebelscum]
  Imperial Blasters Black/Blue. Square mag prefered Imperialgunnery
  Teebo's Axe [Rebelscum]
  Dagobah Floor Lever [Image]
  Security Scout, just the black guns [TheSWCA]
  Speeder Bike Flaps [Image]
  Darth Vader's Star Destroyer Ceiling Clamp [Image]
  Moulded face Luke Jedi [Imperialgunnery]
  Droid Factory R2D2 (loose is fine, factory is better) [Rebelscum]
  Chocolate PBP Rebel Soldier (Hoth) [Imperialgunnery]
  4-LOM PBP (lighter redish colour armour) [Imperialgunnery]
  Red Bar R5-D4 [Jedinews]
  Han Solo Hoth Moulded legs [Rebelscum]
  Black Bespin Guard No-COO  
  Cloud Car Pilot Darker Orange/Red Helmet [Highasakoit]
  Yak Face MOC
  POTF Biker Scout MOC
    Nice ESB 21s I don't currently own
    Don't mind yellowing or minor dings and scuffs etc.
No cracked bubble. Must have POP



Wanted Big Time  

  Not mint but descent at least.
ESB is a big plus. Want POP.
All boxes I'm missing
(or whole boxed toy).
Swedish stickers are big plus.

If you have stuff in better shape than mine or ESB instead (check collection) - let me know.
Does not have to have inserts but is a big plus.

All swedish boxes with stickers are interesting!

  In one piece, and readable.
  Loose card backs if they have Swedish stickers.
Vintage 12" except Darth Vader and C3PO.
Some variants of Nellba cards or sheets: [Nellba]. Gladly trade!
Monty Fabrieken unopened pack (or boxes) [Monty]
Swedish Stjarnornas Krig Comics in Uncirculated gem mint condition.
Swedish ads and other vintage promotional Stjarnornas Krig.
Hemglass, Spendrups, PlayMix, Nellba, catalogues etc
  All Swedish Star Wars/Stjarnornas Krig is interesting! Just msg me and well work it out.
Don't bother with repro-crap - I'll send you a dead rat in the mail if you do

  Let's make a deal?
  Want to sell me $tuff?
  Want to trade? I'll swap stuff listed below
  We'll work it out - just contact me

  Maybe several items for one item - either way? Make me a deal.
  Paypal ready or Swish.
Contact me via
or Facebook.
Will also trade for aged Single Cask, Cask Strength GlenDronach, Dalmore or Glenrothes or other massive CS sherry bombs ;-)

Links to larger image - or- Open larger picture by right-click "open image".
More pictures can be provided just contact me.

If there is a descent Yak Face Tri MOC, I can also trade my ROTJ Boba Fett from the
collection. Please inquire if so, pictures will be provided.
Leia Bespin Carded
ESB 45 Arena. Great character and an ESB. Some veins. Bubble ok except some attachment error on side (looks factory error). Turtle Neck MOC.

R2-D2 Sensorscope Carded
A rarer MOC. ROTJ 77.
Looks good. Has bump on upper right bubble corner. Some creasing on card.
No cracks. POP intact. Bubble is clear.

Jawa Carded
ROTJ 77. Great MOC. Not perfectly flat but really nice. Intact bubble, has POP. Check pictures or ask for more. Hang-tab has a smaller ding (pic).
Sweet MOC of a very desirable figure.

C3PO Removable Limbs Carded
Awesome MOC. Palitoy 65-back (no TT) in great shape. Nice card. A small bumb on the bubble but really clear, no cracks and is in super-condition. Ask for more pics if needed. Almost straight. Sweet MOC. Has POP.

R5-D4 Carded
Great ROTJ 65. Nice bubble, a ding on the stem (no cracks), clear without aging bubble. Nice card, minor stuff at hang tab and a smaller crease on the back. POP intact.
One of the cooler carded figures to find (and nice shape). Not straight but not too bad. Nice moc.

TIE Fighter Pilot Carded
A nice ROTJ 65 emperor offer.
No cracks, a minor bump. Aged.
Nice card, not straight.
Has POP of course. Love this one, one of the coolest guys and a MOC at that.

Chewbacca Carded

ROTJ 77 in awesome shape. Perfect bubble. Card is really sweet. Lays flat and it's a stunner. Alternative image. Has POP.

More pictures: Front Back Top Bottom Right Left


Tusken Raider (Sand People) Carded
ROTJ 65 in awesome shape. Nice bubble without ding or cracks.
Small warp but nothing major. Great MOC. Has POP.

Click image or links for more zoomed pictures.
Back Top Side

4-Lom Carded
ROTJ 77. Nice shape MOC.
Has POP.

Lobot Carded (read description)
ESB 41D Offerless. Bubble is fine, somewhat aged.
Card has some issues. Tried to take good pictures, ask for more if you want. Fairly straight.


Luke Hoth Carded (read description)
ROTJ 48-back.

Bubble is really good, card is not, especially hanger.
POP intact.

X-wing Boxed (Swedish sticker)

Swedish with the all too important
Dockor/figurer ingår ej with both the English and Swedish instructions.
Toy in descent condition. Box has come loose on one edge (pic) but looks ok. Has POP.

Click for more images.
Ask for others and I'll supply.

[Pics of ship only]


Millennium Falcon Boxed (Dockor/figurer)
Box has some issues, especially side downwards. Ask for more pics.
Rarer Swedish Dockor/figurer ingår ej. Displays well. Ship looks ok.
Instructions included. Zoom in. Parts missing of actual ship.

Complete with both chin guns and chin gun hatch. Original chin guns!
Guns will attach even though gun clips are a bit cut off (pics).
Displays nice. See pictures of condition or ask for more images.

I could (maybe) trade a Swedish Dockor/figurer Boxed AT-ST with AT-ST but then it would have to be a damn good trade. Childhood.

Ewok Combat Glider
Swedish Sticker. Not mint but displayable.
Box only.

AT-ST Scout Walker
Hoth Scene ROTJ Palitoy. Made in france sticker. Displayable.
Box only.

Time to park your Chicken in this?

Taun Taun Open Belly
Palitoy. Box only. Not mint shape by any means but displayable. Three Boba Fett Bounty signs. Time for your loose Hoth pet to finally get a home!

Descent shape. Looks ok. A bit wobbly cockpit back and a small cockpit gun fixed.
Opens and folds perfect. Stand operates perfectly. Ask for more details and pictures. Pretty big.

Slave 1

Complete with carbonite, loading bay and ramp

Cloud Car

Complete, nothing broken.

Ok condition (pics). Some yellowing as usual. Some scuffing on claws. Descent.


Complete in great shape

  Vehicle Maintainance Energizer
Box is descent. Both hoses. All tools.
Nice one.

PDT-8 w instructions

ESB Palitoy
Good shape.
Toy and used sticker sheet.
Two Boba Fett Bounty signs.

Two MTV-7 ROTJ Kenner instructions

Nice box. One ship.

Bilogo box.
"La Guerre des Etoiles".
Box only.
Really nice shape.
Your ship could use a docking place?

Bilogo Box. Not mint box.
Comes with a nice vehicle and jedi-instructions.

Ewok Combat Glider
Complete with instructions, nice box.

Ewok Catapult

Forest ranger
with tri-logo instructions

Tripod Laser Cannon
Looks great, one turn-wheel is glued but works as normal, hardly notice. Has ammo box, missing ammo cable.
Three extra legs if you just want those.

Tri-pod Laser Cannon MISB
Great condition.
Sealed tape.
Gonna be hard to trade, so nice.

Radar Laser Cannon Boxed
Rugged box, top lito loose
Loose radar cannon, boxed or both 
One is free of stickers, the other one stickers are applied.

Speeder bike Boxed.
Mine or my brother's box (has no swedish stickers though) in descent shape.
ROTJ box. Has ROTJ instructions (cut out logo).
Email/FB for more pictures.
Can have both back-flaps (this or the other bike).
Up to you.

Speeder Bike Boxed

Bike in nice shape. Bilogo box.
Nice Instructions (Bilogo).
Rugged box. Sold in Sweden but no stickers.
Can have both back-flaps (this or the other bike). Up to you wich one.

Security Scout
(No guns - has frame, wing, belt, ear-muffs, joystick)

Sand Skimmer
With instructions. There are a lot of problems (looks good but...)
Issues: The consol fasteners are off. Fastened with sticky pad. One sail prong is off. The sail is set with a 3D-printed insert (removable). The instructions have a large tear. Ask for more detailed pictures.

Imperial Sniper
No terminal

Darth Vader TIE-fighter wings
No pylons, just the wings
TIE Parts
TIE Interceptor Battery Cover (lighter coloured one)
Darth Vader TIE Battery Cover
Darth Vader TIE Both Top Hatch Covers
Darth Vader TIE Seat Compartment

Ewok Glider, one rock and rope

Y-wing Bomb
Perfect condition.

Ewok Battle Wagon, two wheels


one ski

ESB Micro

Radar Laser Cannon



Speeder Bike

Die-Cast vehicles

Falcon in excellent condition.
Landspeeder in great condition
TIE-fighter in fair condition
X-wing very yellowed wings but else ok.

Cut Cardbacks
I cut some of them as a kid (yes, you may kill me).

Maybe you want to spice up your cabinet walls and decorate with them in your collection.

Trade for any vintage I'm missing. Let me know if you want to see the backs.

Swedish Ljudsaga Jedin Återkomst (ROTJ)

Unopened, but split between audio tape
and booklet (click picture).

Swedish Ljudsaga Rymd Emperiet Slår Tillbaka (ESB)

Booklet in descent shape, I have no tape recorder to try the tape.

Star Wars Tidning '84, Swedish

More images

Star Wars Tidning '85, Swedish

More images

POTF Sortiment 85, Swedish

More images

PlayMix POTF Ad
in Swedish

One sheet

Star Cases, vintage

A few. Different sizes and quality.

Sandpeople Cardback
SW 12-back in bad shape.
Will trade very cheap.

Anakin Skywalker Cardback.

Trilogo. Quite nice shape.

Click for better image

Han Solo Hoth Cardback

ESB 32-back in really bad shape.
Will trade for almost anything.

Amanaman Cardback + Coin

POTF. Rough card, good coin.

Click for better image

Klaatu Cardback
Excellent condition. No torn bubble. Super nice.

Rancor Keeper Cardback
Excellent condition. No torn bubble. Super nice.

Dignitary POTF Coin

Luke Poncho POTF Coin

Warok POTF Coin

Luke Stormtrooper POTF Coin



Boba Fett PBP - Painted dart, Unpainted knee
Probably the hardest PBP-version.
Comes with square mag blaster.
Ask for more pictures if you're interested in a trade.

    Luke Stormtrooper + Gun + Helmet
Morgans old childhood Luke Stormy (Tri-logo).

A-wing pilot with genuine black endor blaster

Barada w weapon
+ card
+ coin
+ bubble
+ tray.
You can put the figure inside.
As good as a Last 17 gets.

Paploo + POTF Card.
Complete w Card and Coin.
More zoomed pictures [here]

Han Solo Carbonite + POTF Card. Awesome mint shape. Last 17 with card. A minor nick as seen on last picture.

Luke Poncho with gun
Mint, genuine gun and three notch belt. Awesome last 17.

Luke Bespin Complete
NO COO, Mustard hair. Leg Snip-sabre.

Luke Bespin
Hong Kong COO.
Yellow hair. Very whiggly limbs and a lot of rubs. Will trade for anything really.

Emperor w cane

Gammorean Guard w axe
COO Hong Kong

Klaatu Skiff Guard complete with weapon  


Leia Hoth with gun
Mint and genuine gun

Rebel Commando
no gun

Double circle version

AT-ST Driver
Can have genuine Endor Blaster

B-wing pilot
Can have genuine Endor Blaster

Leia Poncho
Genuine Endor Blaster


Comes with bump-rifle and cape (smooth cloth, short hood)

Complete. H.K.
Yellowed. H.K.
Comes with hood.
Low value

Luke Jedi Knight
No-COO with cape + gun.

Yoda brown snake
COO Hong Kong

Yoda yellow snake
Red eyes, light green.
Incl. Shirt, belt, snake

Hoth Stormtrooper PBP/Tri-Logo
+ gun + skirt.
Slightly yellowed. The rarer Tri-Logo/PBP/YPS Snowtrooper.
Round hole skirt, double scraped COO, sharper different plastic. Hoth rifle.

IG-88 guns. Got a few small blue blasters, one large rifle.

Chief Chirpa Staff  

Leia Boussh Rifle  

Skiff Vibro Axes  

AT-AT Commander.
Long plates. COO Hong Kong.
Can come with Bespin blaster.

Black Bespin Guard.
COO Hong Kong.
Can come with Bespin Blaster

+ Rifle.
No COO. LFL 1980.

Ben Kenobi
+ cape + sabre
Grey beard (COO Hong Kong).
Some scuffing on side of face (see pics)

Hammer head

Imperial Guard
Red cape, crimson helmet + clothes + spear
COO Taiwan.



Prune Face

No-COO. Cape, no gun.

Han Solo Trench

Cape, plain lapels. No COO 1984.


Han Trench Cape (cape only, plain lapels)
Pudgy face figure Cape, camo lapels.
No COO 1984.

CP3O original, broken. No COO LFL 1982.

Luke X-wing. COO Hong Kong.

Vintage Nellba Cards
I have doubles, pack and sheets to trade.

Vintage Topps trading Cards  
List: Different series (I do have the 3PO-wang)

Vintage Monty Fabrieken Cards

Got a few doubles.

Vintage Swedish Comic Album
"I Imperiets Klor"

Msg for more pics

Stjarnornas Krig Vintage Comics.
I'm no professional grader but I'd put them between nice and very nice.This is the coveted first issue and the other releases except 1984#4 before they went "Manadens aventyr" with Indiana Jones (every 2nd issue) in 1985.

#1 83/84 #2, #3, #5, #6. #7 (1984) and #1, #2, #3 (1985)

Manadens Aventyr
Vintage Swedish Comic 1985 #2

Descent condition, not perfect.
Ask for more pictures if need be.

Manadens Aventyr
Vintage Swedish Comic 1986 - #7

Descent condition, not perfect. Ask for pictures if needed.


12" Tri-Logo Darth Vader

Complete Galaxy Darth Vader in Chamber (POTF2)

Star Wars Galaxies Collector's Edition Box (rare big box)

Slave 1 AOTC - store give away

Given to the stores before launch


TIE Interceptor Vintage Collection.


Star Wars Battlefront Biker Scout
Actionfigure MOMC

Senator Palpatine ComTech
Darth Maul ComTech
Darth Sidious ComTech
Driodekas Bonus Battle Droid
Watto Bonus Battle Droid

Saga MOCs
Clone Trooper, orange
Jango Fett
Darth Vader (crease)


Dexter Jettster (AOTC)

Darth Vader Bespin Duel (TESB)

Clone Trooper (AOTC)

Leia Slave (POTF2)

Force Unleashed MOCs

GameStop 2008 Exclusive
Stormtrooper Commander (x2)

EP1 Droid Fighter MISMB

Lego Star Wars - 7101 - Light Sabre Duel
Complete and in excellent condition.
Legos (mint) + box (not perfect) +
all three papers and instructions (mint).
This is the first set in the Star Wars
theme by number (7101).

Episode 1 Kellogg's Frosties & Rice Crispies.
Complete run of figures + Frosties Box + Rice Crispies Boxflat.

Sold in Sweden when EP1 ran 1999.
Special figures in great condition with a Kelloggbox and a boxflat.

More pictures of the box and boxflat click here

(13) 1st Day of Printing Jedi Knight Trading Cards MISP

Episode 1 Miniposters and packing sheets

Episode 1 Topps sticker collection

Collection booket is pure mint unused, barely opened
Five unopened sticker packs
One opened sticker pack with six stickers (see pic)

Grosvenor Large R2D2 (mint tag, never opened)

Vintage R2D2 sensorscope to compare size

Plush Buddy Watto

Bought in 1999

The meanest junk dealer in the galaxy
made into a soft plush snuggly cutie.

Mint tag

Topps Widevision
EP1 Collector Cards

Galactic Heroes

Comic versions of figures. MOCs.

Force Battlers.



Tombraider Playmates Eidos Core

Large Figurine, Boxed


The Two Towers

Try Me! (speaking)


The Return of the King

Try me! (speaking)


The Return of the King

Super Posable

Mini Rice Krispies Box

Swedish release 2000.
Dated and in great shape, MISB.

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