Boba Fett

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MOC: ROTJ Desert 77-back Taiwan

Looking for ESB Carded Fett (any ESB).
Buy or trade. Let me know.
No cracks, must have POP.

Figure A:
Hong Kong, redish belt, orange armour

Figure B:
Hong Kong, redish belt, yellow armour, helmet has some lost colour

Space Card:
Palitoy ROTJ-card, Swedish sticker BOKMAN.

Figure C:
Childhood figure from Morgan.
The PBP Boba Fett (real one, not just the faded one you'll find everywhere):

  • Really pale suit
  • Much darker orange knee/shoulders
  • Darker olive chest-armour
  • Unpainted leg-armor
  • Footholes are slightly larger

I've seen Fetts that have a paler uniform than normal blue fett, but lacking the others. Love this one.
A true gem and in TOP condition (had a beat up one I traded away as well) that my old work-buddy Morgan gave to me in a bag of old Star Wars toys he had as a kid.

If you have one with painted arm-dart let me know. Interested.

Figure D:
Taiwan, black belt.
Glossy helmet, crimson rocket

Desert Card:
Childhood card and figure. Swedish Domus price-tag still on. Taiwan-version. [Picture of Domus back then]

Loose figure E:
Childhood figure. Taiwan black belt.
Matt helmet, red rocket.
Fett has always been my hero. He came in the Desert Scene card - my old favorite childhood Kenner ROTJ 79-back 1984 Taiwan (not Palitoy).

This figure and card is one of my absolute favorites since it holds soo much memories. He used to hang in a string ("flying") in the diorama I had in my bookshelf as a kid.