Star Wars Galaxies, Collector's Edition Box

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This is the very limited edition of the SWG MMORPG. It was only sold in the US under a very short time when the game was released. Me and my friend Martin got one each and I now have both of these really nice boxes of candy. It's complete in pristine condition.

It contains:

  • Big, very sturdy hard box with golden lettering and skin-like texturing. Inside is smooth velvet!
  • Special SWG Collector's Edition Pewter figure
  • Collector's Edition Pin
  • Collector's Edition Patch
  • The CDs (inkl. working serial# and in-game goggles)
  • Hardcover Ringbound Manual
  • Misc. prints for the game (Quick Start etc...)
  • Booklet "From Pencil to Pixel -The Art of Star Wars Galaxies": A lovely booklet about the making of SWG and all the beautiful art that was made in the proccess. A must-have book.

This box is a true collector's box. This is how things really should be packaged!