Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth)

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One of my earlier figures, it's seen a lot of battles against the rebel scum.

  1. MOC is a descent ESB 48-back Ackbar Revenge offer. Bad hanger.
  2. Card-A: is a swedish stickered Palitoy 45-back. Sold at Sagoland Linköping (my town).
  3. Card-B: is my old Swedish childhood card. ROTJ 65-back. Half the pricetag left. Guessing from Domus or Tempo.
  4. Loose-A: non-yellowed Hong Kong COO.
  5. Loose-B: Rarer Tri-Logo/PBP-figure (Hoth rifle).
  6. Loose-C: Rare YPS-trooper (YPS-rifle).
  7. Loose-D: My own yellowed kid-toy. Raised bar China COO. Lost the skirt somehow (buy/trade?).

You can determine if you have a Tri-Logo (PBP, YPS whatever you want to call them) version by the following criteria:

  • Rounded holes in the skirt (instead of two small holes and a slit between).
  • The whole figure has an almost "painted" feel to it, though it is NOT painted. It's just a different type of plastic.
  • COO is scraped on the back of the leg making two distinct markings.
  • Most structures have a more defined "sharp" edge than the normal snowtrooper.
  • The YPS has a different gun (Action Force, looks like a british IW SA-80). The YPS figure is the same as Tri-Logo though.

The YPS came with a special German comic book. Pretty rare.