Biker Scout

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  • MOC ROTJ 77. Sculpt 2.
  • MOC Trilogo. Sculpt 3.
  • ROTJ 77 HK-card with Clipper sticker.
  • My old childhood card survived (Palitoy) on the right with the old Tempo/Domus price tag ripped off.

My brother and I loved to play with our biker scouts (gift from mom and dad) and speeder bikes. We bought the bikes for each other as x-mas gifts, probably 1984(?) the figures might have been X-mas or before, can't remember.

Leia Poncho and Han Trench Coat always won!

All asian versions and the Lily Ledy short mouth.

Loose figures:

  • Hong Kong (sculpt 1)
  • Taiwan (scultp 2) - childhood figure, satin black.
  • Hong Kong (sculpt 3) - childhood figure.
  • Taiwan all glossy black.
  • Short Mouth (Mexican)

A lot of suttle differences seen [here]

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