Speeder bike

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Very cool toy that got it's fair share of battles.

1. Fredda's (or Ulfa's) speederbike. Bi-logo box with Swedish "dockor-sticker" and a sale sticker (9.90 SEK down from 99). Insert-tray and flaps. Instructions.

2. Bi-logo box with different Swedish dockor-sticker. Rough shape. Instructions. Not from my childhood.

3. Moto Jet, PBP Spain. Complete, instructions and inserts.

4. Moto Aerienne, Canada. Complete and inserts.

5. My own (or brother's) childhood bike. ROTJ box (no stickers for some reason, neither of our two ROTJ-boxes had them). Insert-tray. Has flaps. Instructions.

It pays off to save everything as a child. The speederbike was one of the most well-used toys in my boys room in the day. Awesome toy that still has the exhaust flaps left. Damn they always fell off as a kid!

Click here for scans of the instructions