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Left: ESB pink boxed Snowspeeder with tow-cable/Harpune and ESB instructions.

Right: Palitoy Bilogo Boxed Snowspeeder.

That toy belonged to my brother (I had an X-wing) and is still in great condition, tow-cable and all. So much nostalgia in this ship. Box is my brother's multilingual with Swedish stickers. It's a lot sturdier cardboard than the left one. Instructions in English (don't know where the Swedish ones went - sell/trade me?).

As a kid I got Boba Fett when he got Ackbar - what a loser! Haahaa!
BUT the worst was that he got a snowspeeder that had the cool guns while I got the less cool X-wing. Major disaster!

English ROTJ instructions

English ESB instructions