R2-D2 Sensorscope w/ Card

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  • ESB 45-back in great shape.
  • ROTJ 77-back with a dent but no crack.


  • Two loose versions.
  • Both Hong Kong COO.
  • Left one is dark blue legs.
  • Card back in great shape, someone sliced the bubble, not rip it off. Sold in Sweden as the price tags say.
  • Right one is light blue legs (childhood figure) with my childhood cardback (no stickers). Bought by mom and dad together with C-3PO Removable limbs (guessing 1984?).

Well used figure as a kid that always used to help Luke in his battles against Vader. Sometimes pretending the sensorscope was a lightsabre of course. He was always the tough one and C-3PO was the softy.