Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit)

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Carded UP POTF Luke Jedi. Nice overall, some yellowing and a quite nice card. The Palitoy card (Hong Kong) is the one I got my green sabre figure in as a kid.

  • Rarer blue sabre & snap-on cape. Brown pistol. Tan skin Hong Kong.
  • My own childhood Luke. Green sabre. Brown pistol. Pale skin Hong Kong.
  • Taiwan. Stefans childhood figure. Green sabre gray pistol.
  • No-COO. Green sabre. Grey gun. Maybe my brother's figure, not sure (?). Pale face. A darker tint in the cape.

Blue sabre and snap-cloak are authentic, non-repro. Seems it's otherwise a favorite to copy. Links provided to the right to see if your sabre is a fake.

This figure had a special sweet scent as a kid (less now) and was always the center of play. They have a brown/gray version of the gun (unlike Luke Poncho and Lando General who has the black version).

Spotting a repro sabre:

link to

link to Jawa's Armory

Link to Imperialgunnery

Grey? Brown? Blue? Green? Snap-on?
What goes with what?