Princess Leia Organa

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  • MOC ESB 41-back in great shape.
  • MOC ESB 45-back in nice shape. Lito tear on back hanger.

  • SW-12-back card in rough shape.
  • Trilogo card in great skape, cut bubble instead of torn.

  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • No-COO was my brother's Leia. I had my Leia Poncho instead when playing. A nostalgic time travel. A favorite figure.

I remember the store "Leksakshuset" sold a whole display with Leia White Gown for 10 SEK a piece when Star Wars was getting less popular. Wish I'd bought them all, of course. Brother bought one of them. Trilogo, that perticular card was later cut. Blasphemy!