AT-ST Driver
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Played a lot with this when my brother and I got two AT-STs and two drivers.

  • The childhood ROTJ-79-card.
    - One of the childhood figures (No-COO).
    - Pale face Taiwan, matt/paler boots and gloves.
  • MOC ROTJ 77-back (pink skin)
  • MOC Tri-logo (pink skin)
  • MOC POTF (pink skin)
  • I also have a trilogo cardback with clipper-sticker on the back in very good shape

Childhood memories on this dude!

Saved a card in my AT-ST box, so it survived as you can see.

Slight colour difference on the 77-back MOC and the 79-back cardback (77-back is tinted towards blue and the 79-back to more brown/yellow, backs have no colour shift)