AT-ST Scout Walker

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This is a true childhood dream. Both me and my brother wanted the AT-ST (since the AT-AT was way too expensive) for X-mas - AND WE GOT IT! ONE EACH! Best christmas ever!

Four boxed toys.

  • ESB Hoth Scene with ESB instructions
  • ROTJ Hoth Scene Palitoy
    Purchased as adult (the AT-ST is one of the childhood toys). Swedish instructions typ B.
  • ROTJ Bilogo Endor Box, Swedish Sticker + English and Swedish instructions typ A.
    My own childhood toy (or brother's).
    Box used to serve as the store box for the loose figures, therefore survived.
  • ROTJ Bilogo Endor Swedish Sticker.
    My buddy Fredda's (or Ulfa's) AT-ST. Bi-logo Box in great shape. Swedish stickered. Inserts, English and Swedish instructions type A. Used sticker sheet.
    Always neat and tidy them good ol' boys.

    The two childhood AT-STs have seen a LOT of battles. Nothing could stand a chance (well maybe Yoda).

Scans of the English instruction pages

Scan of the Swedish instruction pages