About Vintage Starwars

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Vintage Star Wars Kenner Actionfigures were produced between 1977 and 1985. They came in different packaging, and different styles. They were mostly manufactured in Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau or Taiwan.

SW = Star Wars, figures originally released for the first (EP IV) movie.

ESB = Empire Strikes Back, figures released 1980 for the new movie. Many figures released before where sealed on new ESB cards.

ROTJ = Return of the Jedi, figures released 1983 for the new movie. Many figures released before where sealed on new ROTJ cards.

POTF = Power of the Force, figures released 1985 when Star Wars was going out of style. Many figures released before where sealed on new POTF cards. Came with a coin.

In Europe Palitoy or Meccano produced most of the items and they were released in special packaging such as "Tri-Logo" (instead of one logo it had three in different languages). Some were made by PBP/Poch in Spain.

Droids, Ewoks are figures made for the Cartoons. Rather hard to come by, though the figures are all rather badly produced I think. Not my cup of tea.

In Mexico Lili Ledy produced the figures, but I have no interest in them really. Same for the bootlegs like Uzay as well (they are not part of my childhood).

MOC = Mint on Card (figure is still carded)

Loose = Figure is opened from package.

MIMSB, MIMB, MISB, MIB = Mint in Mint Sealed Box, Mint in Mint Box, Mint in Sealed Box, Mint in box. Use your imagination.

Some collectors use the C grading of their items (C1 meaning utter crap and C10 factory mint) or the AFA grading (made by some toy collector companies in the US). I don't bother with that and just put down "Good", "Descent" and "Poor" as the condition and quality of the item I have.