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Different VHS releases.

Ewoks: The Haunted Village (silly but cute)

Droids: Pirates and the Price. Droids: The Battle Against Sise Fromm (Yes, that's the one with Vlix) NTSC

Kenner Actionfigure Ads NTSC

Star Wars Auditions NTSC (Yes, the famous ones with Kurt Russell and others)

EP1 Collector's Edition NTSC (with book and a film-frame. I got Amidala in congress).

The last is a tape of the Star Wars Holiday Special (NTSC). A dreadful TV moment that George Lucas would wish never produced. It's a classic Star Wars nostalgia. The image above is a print Mattias Rendahl did for me when I gave him a copy of the movie. Looks as great as the movie itself! :-D