Star Wars Galaxies

Collector's Edition

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Me and two friends ordered three these on release day from the US. Cost us a fortune but it was worth it to start playing months before all other Europeans got in the game. This version of the game was discontinued fairly early so I was glad to get one.


  • Thick, sturdy black/gold casing.
  • Complete Game w/ the In-Game Goggles.
  • Hardcover Notebook Manual
  • Beautiful book about the Art of SWG.
  • Pewter figure
  • SWG Special Pin
  • SWG Special Cloth Patch

I played SWG more than any other game probably (more than any other MMORPG to this date). I played the account for approx. 8-10hrs per day, EVERY day, just making guns for the public. Me and my friend totally dominated the Naritus Server as we ran the beloved and famous =Troll= Guns & Ammo shop on Naritus. I was a multibillionaire making more money per day than most people ever saw in a life-time. Later sold the account for an undisclosed amount of RL SEK, but kept the Collector Case.

Also have the Guidebook for SWG: