Official EP1 Theatre Booklet

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This is the Canadian version of the EP1 program booklet they sold at the theatres when the movie first released in '99. Printed by Tribute and sold at the cinema. If I remember correctly, they sold out and were pretty expensive. Not sure if they were even sold the program in the U.S, maybe Canada only (?)

It mostly resembles the program-pamflett you get at a drama theatre - but huge and in extreme quality! Too bad they never sold these babies when it ran in Sweden - I should have bought more!

It's made with VERY high quality in mind. The cover is made shiny, almost metallic, surface and the inside has super high glossy quality paper - it even has transparent cellophane protection sheets between cover and pages!

I took a few snapshots, it has pages upon pages of pictures and text. Cast & Crew, Lucas, in-movie pictures...etc etc... it even folds out for display, but I keep it undisplayed, too afraid to leave it open.

Problem is taking pictures of it with a flash, since the pages are so glossy and rich.

Love this one, ever since I bought it at the N.S. theatre (after a friend told me you could buy them).

Watching the new Star Wars movie after almost 15 years was a special feeling. Saved the Golden Admittance ticket-stub from the Aberdeen Cinemas, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. A bit late after US-release, but way ahead of my friends back in Sweden :-D