About 12 inch Starwars

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12" Kenner Actionfigures/Dolls come in different styles. Many people take their dolls out of the package to display them - something I never understood. The packaging on a 12" is half the figure! A Collector Series figure has the best packaging ever made and must be displayed with it!

Problem with 12" is finding CS boxes without too many creases and dings.

First off we have the vintage dolls. They are great memerobilia produced '77-'85, though their looks leave a lot to be desired. Packaging was quite nice. Boxed figures are very rare.

CS = Collector Series. Produced when the originals movies were re-released in mid 90'ies. Awesome line of figures that I try and focus on. Some figures where only released to certain stores like Diamond Comic, Wal-Mart etc. They were released in a box with a front flap, featuring information about the doll on the inside of the flap. Perfect display pieces.

AC = Action Collection. Re-release of 12", but now they released them using an ugly window-only package. No flap! Some Kenner employee needs to be shot for sure. The Action Collection holds a huge number of figures and figure sets.

POTF2 = Power of the Force (Not vintage).