Wurm Unlimited

In the cold and bitter north, a long journey from Ereb Altor, lies the desolate island of Marjura. A large part of the island is covered by a huge glacier of snow and ice. In the lowlands below the glacier, four factions have made their own self proclaimed kingdoms. These kingdoms fight for power over Marjura.


Marjura is the stage for the epic roleplaying adventure Sulphur Winter (Svavelvinter), from the Dragons and Demons roleplaying game. It has been recreated as a Wurm Unlimited map.

Marjura is connected to the north of the Ereb Altor server.

You may select the Marjura portal from the Gray Halls starter gateway. You may also travel here by boat from Ereb Altor.

The island is 2048 x 2048 big.

It is a PvP Epic server.

Skillgain and action timer has been upgraded to x2 the gain on WO.

You start with characteristics at 21, so you can ride from start.

There is no deed cost and no upkeep cost.

There are the Wurm Epic five kingdoms to select from. Jenn-Kellon, with the town of Clusta Noba. Mol Rehan, with the town of Trovlik, Horde has the settlement of Kazad Kvur and there is also the freedom town of Arhem.

Ingame Map

If you install Serverpacks Mod, the ingame map will be automatically downloaded from the server and you will have it ready ingame.
To get the customized ingame map to work, do the following:

Wurm Unlimited Client Modloader

You do not have to install any mods to play if you don't want to. If you do not want to use the mod for auto-download of ingame map, it is available here: Marjura.png

Other Mods

- The Marjura server also makes use of "Digging like mining", which means when you dig, the dirt will not go into your inventory, but instead drop as a pile on the ground. This makes digging much more convenient. There is no need to install any client mod for this.
- Mod for prospecting inside mines are also enabled. No client-side mod needed.
- Bounty-Mod has been installed for trial purposes. It will give you some coin when you kill a creature (amount depends on difficulty of creature). There is still no deed-cost and no upkeep on the server. No client-side mod needed.

Server information

This is a standalone server connected to the internet on a 100/100 Mbit/s fiber/lan connection. The server is running 24/7 at all times.

Playing on Marjura is totally free, and will always be free.

Server forum - Off-line at the moment

If you don't want to play on the default boring Wurm Unlimited map, Ereb Altor (PvE) or Marjura (PvP) is for you.

Welcome to your new home!

More screenshots from Marjura

Email contact: erebaltorwurm@gmail.com